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Winter Travel Tips

Going out of Lakeway, TX for your December or winter holiday traditions is the break many of us anticipate as the year ends and the fun begins. Make your whole experience a good one by following important winter travel tips if you’re leaving town to join loved ones this month. The Mansions at Lakeway Apartments Blog has suggestions to help!

Prepare your things.

Getting your suitcase packed for a trip takes careful planning and attention to detail. Go about your normal day and make note of the things you’ll need, including which accommodations you’ll need to make to save space or make things appropriate for a flight. For example, make note of items you want travel-sized samples of or what daily necessities you can find on-site. Communicate with people you’re staying with to finalize your plans.

Prepare your schedule.

Ensure you’re hitting the road on time by planning out the days before you leave, the day of your travels, and the things you’ll be doing during your stay. Of course, some people work well by planning every minute, but others need more room for spontaneity. Figure out what works best for you and any fellow travelers, but leave flexibility for breaks and other mishaps that naturally occur.

Prepare your car.

Ensuring your vehicle is stocked with all the necessities (snacks, gas, trash bags, blankets, pillows, insurance information, car chargers, and emergency items) will help you feel ready for the trip and excited for what’s to come. Be aware of the road conditions throughout the trip and practice driving cautiously, defensively, and slowly in snow, rain, sleet, or fog.

If you’re flying, prepare for the flight and include eye masks, ear plugs, headphones, medicine, and other essential items at the ready.

What other winter travel tips do you swear by? Leave a comment so the rest of the apartment community can benefit. Thanks for reading! We hope you have a successful trip, whether you’re leaving Lakeway, TX or just the Mansions at Lakeway for your celebrations.