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Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner

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Thanksgiving is this week, and hosting in your apartment here at The Mansions at Lakeway is a great option. If the task falls to you this week, prepare (or make sure you’re prepared) by reading today’s blog and putting these tips to practice.

Set a plan.

Keeping a clear head while juggling a few tasks at once in the days leading up to Thanksgiving is much easier when you have a plan to follow, each day and even each hour, if that helps you. Give yourself an agenda that includes shopping, cleaning, preparing dishes, and setup times.

But don’t forget to communicate those plans! Talk with your guests and co-hosts and decide on a time and place for your meal. Decide now who will be contributing which dishes and who will help set up. We suggest creating a group text message, chat, email thread, or Google doc or spreadsheet for you to all access and communicate through, giving everyone a chance to be heard and volunteer for the dishes they want to contribute.

Remember the basics.

Keep your dinner guests in mind as you’re preparing your home for the big day. What sort of environment is your dinner going to have? Will your guests expect a more informal or formal setting? Adjust your decorations and place settings according to your answers to these questions. Check out the basic table setting etiquette infographic on the Remodelaholic blog to know how to set your table.

Of course, you could also make it more formal than your guests may be used to. Just let them know beforehand so they can know how to dress. But be ok if they choose not to dress up!

Have fun.

There’s a lot of stress that comes with the holidays, so sometimes we just need a reminder to enjoy ourselves! Rely on others to help you so you’re not carrying the burden alone. Give people assignments, express thanks, and take part in activities and conversations throughout the day. Introduce anyone who doesn’t know anyone else, and encourage positive communication by keeping a welcoming atmosphere.

What are your best tips for hosting Thanksgiving dinner? Share with the rest of the apartment community by leaving a comment! We hope you have a great holiday full of gratitude and good food. Good luck if you’re hosting, and enjoy if you’re enjoying the day as a guest in or out of Lakeway, TX!