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Classy Crafts You'll Love to See in Your Apartment

apartment room decorated with green plants

Decorating your home here at The Mansions at Lakeway with crafts doesn’t have to be tacky, cluttered, or cutesy if you don’t want it to be! Crafts can be fun ways to add a touch of your personality to your home. Working on something you can be proud of and show off in your apartment that works with the aesthetic of your space really makes it your own. Try these ideas for some classy crafts that can work with a variety of home design styles.

This knot-tying craft is taking Pinterest by storm lately. You can do virtually anything you can think of by learning a few basic macrame knots. From wall hangings to plant holders, fruit bowls, earrings, rugs, table runners, and chairs, what some call macramayhem offers you all sorts of treasures to adorn your home with.


Whether you’ve got a green thumb or not, planters are fun for adding greenery and actual life to your apartment while giving you an opportunity to get creative with your designs. Find a classic rectangular planter or a geometric planter in the color to match the room you want it in and fill it with succulents and flowers hanging over the edge to add beautiful texture to your wall.

Letter Boards

This is one of those trends you’ll either love or hate, but we think they’re worth mentioning because of the potential they hold for helping you showcase your personality. Use them to display your favorite quotes or even to keep track of your daily meals or monthly budget. Maximize your use of your letter board to yourself, and try these tips for keeping your letter board organized and beautiful.

What are your favorite classy crafts that go with all types of furniture and designs? Let us know, and share your favorite places in Lakeway, TX to get the best craft supplies, by leaving a comment. Thanks for reading! Enjoy!